There Are Many Types Of Bathroom Racks

- Jun 19, 2017-

Bathroom frame material

1. glass bathroom rack

Features: The general glass rack is made of tempered glass. Not only stylish simple, but also easy to clean, but to avoid the glass surface by a strong impact.

Cost: high

2. Plastic bathroom racks

Features: plastic bathroom rack with corrosion corrosion, anti-aging, no rust, non-toxic, tasteless, high pressure, light weight, simple construction and so on.

Cost-effective: low

3. Stainless steel bathroom rack

Features: Stainless steel bathroom rack with no corrosion, pitting, corrosion, or wear. Bathroom Rack As the stainless steel has good abrasion resistance. So it can make the structural parts permanently maintain the integrity of the engineering design, the use of time lasting.

Cost-effective: medium

4. Alloy bathroom rack

Features: Alloy bathroom Shelf is made of two or more metal or non-metallic metal material composition, it can be used with a variety of colors of the bathroom decoration, Bathroom Rack there will be a better decorative effect.

Cost-effective: medium high

Second, the bathroom frame of the purchase

1, the bathroom is a frequent place to deal with the water, Bathroom Rack the environment is relatively humid, bathroom rack due to long-term in a humid environment, so the choice of material when the shelves to choose not easy to moisture, rust, rot Class material, Xiao Bian proposal as far as possible to choose stainless steel and alloy category bathroom rack.

2, in the choice of stainless steel bathroom rack is also divided into stainless steel material, different materials, stainless steel life difference, it is recommended that you use 304 # stainless steel, the other like 202 #, 201 #, 430 # can only use two Three years time, and 304 # durable, never rusty.

These skills and then combined with their own situation to choose it, Bathroom Rack you can also swing (good kitchen and toilet to) more

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