The Portable Hanger Is Made Of Stainless Steel

- Jul 03, 2017-

With the development of the racks market matures, a variety of new hanger quietly debut. The current use of the hanger on the market according to the different functions, mainly divided into trousers, skirt trousers, suit racks, coat racks, tie planes, etc .; Portable Clothes Rack according to the use of different space, there are single-turn racks, double- Hanging hanger, combination round hanger, four folders double turn the racks, the activities of the combination of racks and long neck racks, and so on. In addition to the wall hangers, the combination of circular hanger and so on "a hangers hang multiple pieces of clothing" to maximize the use of limited space hanger design. Although the above hangers can meet a variety of consumer demand, Portable Clothes Rack but there are hanger itself is not easy to carry the shortcomings, for frequent travel, travel consumers, the hotel or hotel in the hotel to provide a limited number of hanger, when sharing Often appear hanger can not meet the needs of all people at the same time drying.

The purpose of the utility model is to provide a removable portable hanger for the above shortcomings. It can be assembled in stages. It has the advantages of easy disassembly, easy assembly, small space and convenient transportation. It is convenient for consumers to carry it. A detachable portable hanger is implemented by the following technical solution: a removable portable hanger comprising a hook, a joint and a component, Portable Clothes Rack the hook being mounted in a joint, said connector having a tee fitting; the constituent member comprising a first oblique shoulder A second crossbar, a first elbow, a second elbow, a second crossbar and a third cross bar, the first oblique shoulder and the second oblique shoulder being connected to both sides of the tee joint, respectively; One end of the first elbow is connected with the first oblique shoulder and the other end of the first elbow is connected with the first cross bar; one end of the second elbow is connected with the second oblique shoulder, Portable Clothes Rack the other end of the second elbow is connected with the second And the ends of the third cross bar are respectively connected with the first crossbar and the second cross bar. The hook is made of ABS plastic material, the bottom of the hook is an external thread structure, and the internal thread of the tee joint is fitted with the internal thread. The joint is made of three-way joint, stainless steel material, the three-way joint head for the internal thread structure, and the hook at the bottom of the external thread assembly. The first oblique shoulder and the second oblique shoulder are made of ABS plastic material, the first oblique shoulder and the second oblique shoulder are open tail taper pins, and the first elbow, Portable Clothes Rack the second elbow and the tee joint With the connection. The first elbow and the second elbow are made of stainless steel. The first cross bar and the second cross bar are made of ABS plastic material, and the first cross bar and the second cross bar are both ends of the opening and are respectively connected with the corresponding joint of the third cross bar. The third crossbar is made of ABS plastic material. ABS plastic (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene copolymer) material, not only with other materials, good adhesion, easy to surface printing, coating and coating treatment, and the impact strength is good, high wear resistance, high dimensional stability , Excellent insulation, both toughness, hard, just equal balance of excellent mechanical properties; important joint part of the use of stainless steel, with high strength, wear resistance, Portable Clothes Rack seismic and impact resistance, ductility and toughness is superb, and Light weight and other advantages. A portable portable hanger design is reasonable, simple structure, the use of sub-assembly method to achieve easy to carry, easy to install features, not only conducive to cleaning and easy to achieve, is conducive to promote the use.

Rainy days, the weather is wet, for those who often travel on the outside, the most troublesome than staying overnight hotel the next day to leave yesterday to find the clothes did not dry yesterday. This portable hanger will allow you to avoid this trouble, it can achieve three hours of rapid drying, and the warm and warm air adjustable, the most important can be folded easy to carry. Hanging in the above clothes play a role in the wind hood, so that the warm wind inside the clothes gathered, the cycle, to achieve the effect of fast dry clothes, can also be used to dry shoes. Increase the temperature of the warm air can also achieve the bactericidal effect, 5 kg of bearing capacity enough to hang an adult large coat.

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