The Portable Hanger Is Advantageous For The Promotion Use

- Sep 08, 2017-

The portable hanger has the characteristics of simple structure, light weight, small footprint and convenient carrying.

Portable hangers include hooks, the left and right side of the supporting garment, and the telescopic support lever used to support the left and right wing; when drying clothes, take out the above-mentioned portable hanger, from the left side of the leak-proof cloth cover to the leak-proof cloth cover, Portable Clothes Rack The leak-proof cloth cover of the left-wing is turned into a rod by filling the water, and from the opening end of the waterproof cloth sleeve of the right wing to the leak-proof cloth, so that the right side of the leak-proof cloth cover due to fill with water to become a rod, and then the telescopic support rod on the short sleeve sliding to the left supporting rod and the right supporting rod hinge, By limiting the tube wall of the short casing, so that the left support bar and the right supporting rod no longer hinged rotation, but to maintain a straight rod, at this time, Portable Clothes Rack the left wing and the right side will be along its opening end of the hinged axis to rotate on both sides, thus eventually forming a drying clothes can be dry racks; The short casing is then slid to the left brace or to the right supporting rod, shrink the telescopic support rod and fold it, then pour the water out of the left and right wing to complete the volume contraction of the entire portable hanger. On the other hand, the above-mentioned portable hanger has the advantages of simple structure, light weight, Portable Clothes Rack small footprint and convenient carrying.

The portable hanger has two rod-type support frames connected horizontally with the hook rod, and each of the two supporting frames is provided with two hooks, both of which are hooked through the hinge connection downwards to each other. The convenient type hanger can save space, practicality and convenience, Portable Clothes Rack simple structure and worth popularizing.

Portable racks, can be segmented assembly, with disassembly, assembly convenient, occupied small space, easy to carry the advantages of convenience for consumers to carry. A removable portable hanger is implemented with the following technical solutions: A removable portable hanger includes a hook, a joint, Portable Clothes Rack and a component member, and the hook is arranged in the joint, wherein the joint is fitted with a tee joint; The component comprises a first oblique shoulder, a second oblique shoulder, a first bend tube, a second bend pipe, a first bar, a second bar and a third rail The first oblique shoulder and the second oblique shoulder are respectively connected with the two sides of the tee joint; one end of the first elbow is connected with the first oblique shoulder, Portable Clothes Rack and the other end of the first bend tube is connected with the first one; the end of the second elbow is connected with the second oblique shoulder, the other end of the second bend pipe is connected with the second one; The hooks are made of ABS plastic material, the bottom of the hook is the external thread structure, and the inner thread assembled with the head of the tee joint. The joint is a tee joint, a stainless steel material, a tee joint head is an internal thread structure, and an outer thread assembled with the bottom of the hook.

Portable racks not only with other materials of good adhesion, easy to surface printing, coating and coating treatment, and impact strength, high wear resistance, high dimensional stability, good insulation, both toughness, hard, rigid phase equilibrium excellent mechanical properties; important joints part of stainless steel materials, with high strength, wear resistance, seismic and punching performance strong, Portable Clothes Rack Ductility and toughness are good, and light weight and other advantages.

Portable hanger design is reasonable, simple structure, the use of segmented assembly method to achieve easy to carry, easy to install the function, not only conducive to cleaning and easy to achieve, conducive to the promotion of use.

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