The Function Of The Hanger

- Jun 05, 2017-

From the wire to the plastic to the wood, the shelf is bound to hang clothes. But in fact, can hang a lot of things, only a little bit of small processing, you can rest assured that the whole home to the hanger!

Plastic hanger + shower curtain hanging ring, on the composition of super easy to use scarves storage rack, the same can hang a variety of cap

Two wooden racks upside down together, into a Ngau Tau ornaments, Clothes Rack but also with the mysterious cabinet door hanging keys, scarves and other functions.

Do not like the stereotyped product of industrial production?

Then do it yourself with a hanger and a template to do a door off the hat

The hanger is used to ride the bracelet. "Luban by gunsmiths" talk about a good hanger and flower racks two, the outside is relatively rare. The hanger was different from the hanger at the time. Most of the modern hangers hook or fork type, clothes and more neck to hang in the hook on the hook. Clothes Rack The ancients racks, including the Qing Dynasty hangers, the use of cross bar form, both sides of the column, up and down the wooden pier base, between the two horizontal or horizontal cross, the top of the column beam, both ends of the column, Out of the dragon wind or Ganoderma lucidum or cloud head and the like. Under the bar in the brand, on a carved decoration, mainly from a solid role. After the clothes off on the bar. In addition, there are movies of the same name.

The hanger is a kind of furniture that appeared earlier in our country. The dynasty began to carry out the ritual system. The aristocratic class attached great importance to the dress. In order to meet this need, the shelves of hanging clothes were introduced earlier. Each of the dynasties of the different forms of hanger, the name is also different. Spring and Autumn Period, Clothes Rack the frame of the wood, used to hang clothes "truss", also known as "wood Shi".

In the Song Dynasty, the use of hanger is more common than the previous generation, and the image of the information, Henan Yu County Song tomb murals dressing picture of the hanger, which consists of two columns to support a bar, two rods out of the column, two Slightly upturned, and made of flowers. The lower part with two horizontal wooden pier to stabilize the column, in the lower bar between the two columns, plus a horizontal cross, in order to strengthen the role.

Ming Dynasty overall shape of the hanger still maintain the traditional model, but the timber, production, decoration particularly fine. The lower end of the hanger to two feet of wood for the foot, Clothes Rack inside and outside the embossed on both sides of the pattern, pier on the pillars, before and after the two engraved volumes of grass flowers folder. The upper part and the lower part of the stalk are connected with the pillar and the pillar, and the two pens are installed with a small piece of wood. The lattice grid has a certain width, so that the footwear can be placed. Each of the transverse material and the pillar of the lower part of the joint, all through the carcasses back to the corrugated teeth support. Hanger from the selection, design, sculpture production, in the Ming Dynasty have reached a high artistic level.

Ming and Qing clothes rack elegant, beautifully decorated, carved and meticulous, bright color paint. Ming and Qing officials wearing a veil red hat, dressed in the front and back with a piece of the collar of the horseshoe sleeves robe, so the Qing Dynasty racks tall, stand on the column with a bar, Clothes Rack two ends of the pick, carved ornaments, Ride on the bar, that the gantry. The Qing Dynasty to implement the "easy service" policy, the implementation of full of people wearing clothing, full of human body and the rapid and tall, wearing a large volume of clothing, weight heavy. Rich, there is the status of people's clothes, is set by the flower embroidered silk scarf silk composition, therefore, to create the Qing Dynasty hanger bustling, dignified, huge, is a period of the characteristics, but also the difference between other times.

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