The Composition Of The Hanger Is Very Simple

- Aug 17, 2017-

Hanger is used for drying and putting clothing products, it is suitable for clothing factories, supermarkets, clothing shops, clothing dry cleaning industry, home wardrobe and so on. Clothes Rack When we pile clothes at home, the hanger can reduce the effect of crease in clothing.

The composition of the hanger is very simple, as long as a hook, two wooden hanger shoulder together will be a practical complete hanger. But this kind of hanger will bring a lot of limitations. Such as: Wide collar hanging will fall, clothing accessories can not be placed in the same place with clothes, Clothes Rack the whole set of clothes trousers can not be put together, heavy coats will be due to the weight of the hanger can not hang in the closet and so on.

As a result, manufacturers generally in the production of racks in the hanger on the different accessories, with these accessories to reduce the limitations of the hanger, Clothes Rack to achieve some of the people want to effect!

In the middle of the wooden hanger, the two shoulders are cut with a non-slip strip or a coat hanger, which can prevent the wide collar or other clothes from slipping over the width of the hanger. Flocking clothes racks smooth and soft can also protect textile clothing, a gentle curve can maintain the shape of the clothes, and beautiful appearance, is a popular fashion household items, can add a wind color for your closet.

In the wooden hangers on both sides of the shoulder under the bar (round or square), the pole can be tied with a tie or clothing matching small ornaments. Clothes Rack In order not to let the tie or garment accessories slipped, in general, in the production of hangers will be in the bar with Non-slip bar.

In the wooden hanger shoulder on both sides of the bar clip, the clip on the pole can be sandwiched trousers such as clothing, such hangers can reach a hanger to place a complete set of clothing, but also can reduce the space closet.

In the wooden hanger shoulder widen the shoulder can increase the endurance of the hanger, that is, can hang a certain weight of clothing.

Some small hangers can also add some small animals and other accessories, this kind of hanger is suitable for children, these have small animal racks are favored by children, Clothes Rack have the feeling of innocence.

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