Shoe Rack To Meet The Love Shoe Storage

- Nov 06, 2017-


In this shoe popular era, the role of shoe still can not be ignored. Due to the use of shoe rack family home most of the space is not enough, Therefore, the shoe size requirements than the size Higher, it is necessary to meet the acceptance of love shoes, Shoes Rack but also not take up space, which makes strict size shoe rack, the following for everyone to introduce some common shoe rack size Encyclopedia.

Shoe rack classification

In the current furniture market, shoe rack is also a very popular furniture, its simple structure, functional and practical, so popular consumer favorite. So before we understand the shoe size, first of all, let's look at what type of shoe rack. There are two main types of shoe rack classification, respectively, Shoes Rack according to the classification of materials and layers. According to the material, the shoe rack can be divided into wooden shoe rack, metal shoe rack and plastic shoe rack. Wooden shoe rack is mainly represented by solid wood shoe rack, which is mainly represented by carbon steel shoe rack and stainless steel shoe rack. In the market, Shoes Rack according to the number of layers to the classification is not commonly used, of course, not according to the shoe size to classify the way.

Shoe rack purchase method

1, according to shoe size to buy: At present, the shoe size on the market a variety of shoes more consumers choose shoe rack size slightly larger shoes, shoes less choice of shoes rack Smaller size shoe rack. In short, Shoes Rack is based on the number of their own shoes to determine the size of the purchase shoe size.

2, Shoe material choice: Shoe material can be placed according to the different locations to choose from, of course, the placement of different, but also with the size of the shoe rack have some contact. Shoes Rack If it is placed on the balcony, it is best not to choose plastic and wooden shoe rack, these two kinds of material shoe rack can not be direct sunlight, or easy to aging, deformation, cracking; if the shoe rack placed in the entrance, you can choose Any material of the shoe rack.

Shoe rack Daquan

Shoe rack size can be said that there is no fixed size, and from the furniture market can understand that the size of the shoe rack on the market a variety of sizes, consumers can buy almost any size shoes you want Frame sizes, are not there still some of the more common shoe frame sizes accepted by most consumers, Shoes Rack what are these common shoe frame sizes? There are a variety of common shoe rack sizes such as 50 * 20 * 72CM, 70 * 26 * 36.5CM, 68 * 28 * 85CM, 62 * 24.5 * 52CM, 112 * 20 * 60CM, 57 * 27 * 56CM.

The appearance of the shoe rack is roasted white paint process, neat and generous; four four-section design, oversize shoe rack can be placed 24 pairs of shoes, according to the number of shoes to stretch; pure fresh and elegant white paint Processing; vertical or horizontal extension of any space concept of design, scalable concept to make your storage more powerful; shoe rack design is simple and convenient style, reflecting the simplicity of modern life.

Each family member will have a few pairs of shoes often worn, Shoes Rack do not wear will be placed on the shoe rack, shoe rack where to put more convenient for us to wear it?

Live in the building, are generally placed in the door of the door, Shoes Rack the right hand side of the channel, so that when we go out to facilitate the exchange of shoes.

In the bedroom, some families do not pay attention to the shoe rack will be placed in the bedroom, so easy to find shoes after getting up, and these families do not pay attention to what style, life free, random, and may be more chaotic at home.

On the balcony, this may be the male owner will be sweaty feet, the taste of shoes is relatively large, easy to dry on the balcony, with the use of the balcony to take, Shoes Rack troubles in wearing shoes, slippers, but easy to dry shoes.

Hanging on the wall, make a shoe on the wall, like a closet, adult waist height, easy to put, installed in the door position, not easy to dirty the floor, to prevent the shoes for a long time put Shoe rack and other reasons Damp

Outside, this is generally in the yard of the family, of course, there will be residential tenants to do so, but very few, so that the indoor reduced dust into the house, Shoes Rack if the shoes are not too good, then you can choose this method, there Then enjoy the words of the yard.

Do not have the shoe rack, back and forth to change the shoes is very troublesome, so do not directly, dragging a few times just fine. Of course, you will find shoes are too lazy to change, to be more lazy to drag.

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