Racks Which Form Is It?

- Oct 18, 2016-

Porch lift

Is installed on a balcony, through a hand-cranked or electric hanging rods lower, after the washing and hanging rods rising a drying rack, this product is suitable for the family and the balcony of the dormitory.


Wall-wall mounted drying racks are mounted on the walls, mounting height into the chest, design should be able to play up and down, usually down close to the walls, do not take up space, when it comes to clothes. The drying is suitable for short hotel, dormitory, hospital room, family room, and so on, long for outdoor, such as the House or the yard House.


Floor floor-standing racks is placed directly on the ground with a drying rack, there are common x shape, butterfly-shaped (also called Airfoil), horizontal bar parallel bars, suitable for rooms, balconies and outdoor.


Stretching-stretching racks are mounted on the walls, usually can be pushed against the wall, pull when used to hang clothes, suitable for rooms, balconies and outdoor.

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