Portable Racks Are Practical And Convenient

- Sep 29, 2017-

Portable hanger design is reasonable, simple structure, the use of sub-assembly method to achieve easy to carry, easy to install features, not only conducive to cleaning and easy to achieve, is conducive to promote the use.

The portable hanger has two rod-shaped support frames which are hingedly connected to the hooks in the transverse direction. The two ends of the two support frames are provided with two hooks which are hooked down through the hinge. Portable Clothes Rack The convenient hanger can save space, practical and convenient, simple structure, worthy of promotion.

The portable hanger is mainly composed of a hanger body (1), characterized in that two hatchways (2) are provided on the hanger body and a connection with a pulley (6) is provided in each slot (2) (3), Portable Clothes Rack and the other end of the two connecting rods (3) is connected to the hook (4) by means of a pin (5). The utility model is not only simple in structure, but also has low production cost. At the same time, Portable Clothes Rack the two connecting rods of the utility model are free to slide along the notches, so that when they are not used, the hooks and the connecting rods can be folded together to effectively overcome the large defects in the traditional hanger space, Easy to carry.

A portable hanger characterized by comprising a hanger tube and a hook, the hanger being composed of a hanger tube, the hanger tube being a hollow tube, Portable Clothes Rack the hanger tube comprising a hanger tube and a hanger tube two, The hanger tube is provided with an outlet at both ends of the hanger tube so as to enable the hanger to be more secure, and the magnet is located at one end of the hanger tube; the outlet may pass through the wire; The lower end of the hook is equipped with magnets, and the hook is fixed with the hanger tube by the magnet. Portable Clothes Rack The hanger tube will be worn together with a wire and the ends of the hanger tube are adsorbed together by the action of the magnets. This is a simple design, save the material of the hanger, easy to install, while people travel out to travel, can be stacked for a smaller volume, very easy to retract, save space, Portable Clothes Rack more convenient to use.

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