Portable Hanger Structure Is Firm

- Jun 05, 2017-

Portable portable drying racks are mainly easy to do business and often travel friends.

The portable hanger is composed of a frame and a hook. The two ends of the frame are respectively provided with a bottle stopper. The bottle joint is connected with the frame body, Portable Clothes Rack and the plastic bottle can be separately attached at both ends of the bottle. The width of the frame is smaller than that of the existing hanger Of the width, and can effectively use the waste plastic bottles, the combination, use, easy to carry. Which is characterized in that the frame body is provided with a hole for covering a small garment such as a tie or a scarf. The hooked portion is offset from the hook portion and the hook portion is provided with an elevated end. Hook the hook on the hook side of the opening, easy to dry in the beams, wire or drying rope, through the tilt end buckle into the beam, wire or drying rope, to prevent the hanger from the beam, wire or drying rope. Portable Clothes Rack The frame is integrally attached or fastened to the hook. The frame and the hook are connected by injection molding as the best solution, or can be formed by wire forming, or through the frame and hook respectively. The structure is further improved according to the above-mentioned structural features: both ends of the frame body are provided with tapered screw posts, and the tapered screw posts are connected to the bolts. The tapered thread of the frame penetrates the bottle cap of the plastic bottle, the cap is fixed to the frame body by bolts, and finally the plastic bottle is screwed into the cap on the frame body, and the above technical effect can be achieved.

Portable hanger design is simple, solid structure, small size, Portable Clothes Rack environmental protection, carrying, easy to use, long life, suitable for home and travel when hanging clothing.

Portable racks out on the very practical, on the bag will not occupy the place, the volume is very small, the price is more affordable it, on the bag will not occupy the place, the volume is very small, Portable Clothes Rack the price is more Affordable, cost-effective Oh, the use of new materials are no no smell, no deformation slip

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