Placement Of The Shoe Rack

- Jun 05, 2017-

Shoe racks as a home to accommodate the necessary furniture, but also from the early use of furniture to display furniture into a multi-functional furniture, such as the entrance clearance shoe, entry shoe, living room shoe. In addition to retaining the storage function, the shoe rack also adds a variety of decorative features to meet people's individual needs. General shoe rack height height of not more than 800mm, Shoes Rack the width is based on the use of the width of the space reasonable division; depth is the maximum size of the shoes at home length, Shoes Rack usually between 300 ~ 400mm size.

Commonly used shoe rack size shoe rack price

Why shoe size depth to 350 ~ 400mm-based? We all know that the size of men and women shoes are different, very different. But according to the size of normal people, the shoes are based on ergonomic design, the size will not exceed 300mm, in addition to some large or children's shoes. So the depth of the shoe is generally 350 ~ 400mm, so that big shoes can also be put into, and just to the shoe door closed, not highlight the board, it is too abrupt.

Each family members will have a few pairs of shoes often wear, Shoes Rack do not wear will be placed on the shoe rack, where the shoe rack more convenient to wear it?

1 living in the building, are generally placed in the door of the door, the right hand side of the channel, so that when we go out when the door for shoes.

2 bedroom, some families do not pay attention to the shoe rack will be placed in the bedroom, so easy to get up after looking for shoes, and these families do not pay attention to what the style of life, free, at the same time may be more chaotic at home.

3 on the balcony, so that the owner may have sweaty feet, the taste of shoes is relatively large, easy to dry on the balcony, with the balcony to take, wear shoes slippers trouble point, but the sunscreen convenience.

4 hanging on the wall, do a shoe on the wall, like a closet, Shoes Rack adults waist height, put up convenient, installed in the door position, not easy to dirty the floor, to prevent the shoes for a long time Cause damp.

5 outside the door, this is generally in the courtyard of the family, of course, there will be residential households to do so, but very little, so that the way to reduce the indoor into the dust, if the shoes are not too good, then you can choose this release, If you have a yard, then you can enjoy it.

6 do not have the shoe rack also, back and forth shoes is very troublesome, so it is not directly, how many times to drag it. Of course, you will find shoes are too lazy to change, the land will be more lazy to drag.

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