Metal Furniture Things You Don't Know!

- Oct 18, 2016-

1, green

Raw material of metal furniture is cold rolled steel, smelting and rolling from the mineral resources. With the development of the iron and steel industry "green revolution" and the rise of "zero-energy" extension of the production process, from selection to the production process as well as the Elimination of metallic materials is not waste of social resources, not unfriendly to the environment impact, are reusable, sustainable development of resource products.

2, fireproof, damp-proof, antimagnetic

Fire protection is mainly reflected in the metal furniture can withstand fire tries, to minimize losses. Moisture-resistant features most suitable for areas of the South. In the southern parts of China, as long as the temperature is 12 degrees Celsius between c ~14 c and at a relative humidity above 60, hotbed of paradise are breeding grounds for mold and corrosion, valuable papers, photographs, instruments, expensive drugs, as well as a variety of disc film is likely to damp. Moisture resistance of metal furniture can solve people's problems.

3, versatile, space saving

Because of the cold-rolled sheet with better strength, after bending technology of processing of metal furniture can satisfy many functional requirements, Chest of drawers, doors, more mobile, the advantages of simple and can be done in different products. In addition, metal furniture, many with collapsed features, not only easy to use, you can also save space.

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