Maintenance Method For Metal Racks

- Oct 18, 2016-

1. In normal use to avoid overweight and otherwise vulnerable to normal function of the deformation or damage of products;

2. Hand drying to a minimum height, do not continue to shake the hand, otherwise easily lead to internal wire mess;

3. Daily accessories surface dust, debris and other cleanup work, mainly with a slightly damp cloth, gently wipe the surface;

4. Three months a normal service, mainly in the hand shaft, top or pulley shaft 1-2 drops of sewing machine oil or cooking oil, to increase the lubrication of main parts and prolong the service life of the product;

5. Products during use, if there are any noise or other problems, please call your local dealer or manufacturer, do not continue to enforce, so as not to cause greater damage to the product;

6. Avoid oxalic acid highly corrosive chemicals, such as close to the product, or the product inner and outer surface of the part as a direct result of injuries.

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