Maintenance And Cleaning Of Shoe Racks

- Jul 03, 2017-

Shoe rack is the entrance of the necessary household items, only choose a good shoe rack, in order to bid farewell to the door on a bunch of messy unbearable scene. Everyone will have several pairs of shoes, Shoes Rack in order not to chaos put chaos, you need to help the shoe rack

Frame is the use of high quality galvanized steel pipe as a skeleton, this material bearing a good, stable, that is, shoes in the rainy days stained with water, but also to prevent the shoe rack rust. The appearance of the packaging using high-quality non-woven cloth as cloth sets, so that the whole simple shoe rack looks more beautiful, Shoes Rack pink little dot cute cute. This cloth for the ventilation, dust do not have some useful. Simple shoe rack of the shoe door to join the shutter design elements, opening and closing freely; the left side of the bag can store socks.

The basic information of the shoe rack

Classification of shoe racks

1, according to the material can be divided into: wooden shoe rack, Shoes Rack metal shoe rack, plastic shoe rack

Shoe rack of the purchase of knowledge

1, according to the number of shoes to choose the size of the shoe rack

There are many kinds of shoe rack size, shoes, a lot of friends can choose a little shoe rack, shoes, fewer friends can choose the smaller size of the shoe rack.

2, according to the location of the choice of different materials of the shoe rack

Because the plastic shoe rack and wooden shoe rack can not be placed directly to the sun, easy to dry and dry. So if it is placed in the balcony and other outdoor areas, Shoes Rack the proposed choice of metal shoe rack, longer life. If you are indoors, you can choose plastic shoe rack or wooden shoe rack.

Shoe rack with the skills

1, style consistency

Selection of the style of the shoe rack with the overall style of the same family, in general, wooden shoe rack more emphasis on natural and simple pastoral style, metal shoe rack and plastic shoe rack is more emphasis on modern style.

2, color consistency

The color of the shoe rack with the overall color of the home with the harmony, the color of the wooden frame is generally shallow, metal shoe color darker, Shoes Rack plastic shoe rack color is a variety of options.

Maintenance and cleaning of shoe racks

The shoe rack is clean

1, regularly rubbed with a wet cloth to remove dust.

2, wooden shoe rack can be used to remove the special care agent to keep the luster of wood.

Maintenance of shoe racks

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