How to choose bathroom rack

- Oct 18, 2016-

More humid bathroom environment, so in the bathroom accessories of choice should pay attention to a few points:


Copper plated bathroom accessories supplies-plastic products, also has a bronze polished copper products, more chrome product, most high-end one is titanium alloy products, followed by copper, chromium, stainless steel chrome chrome chrome-plated, aluminum products, iron products and plastic products.


Bathroom to configure with their three-set (bath, toilet, wash basin) of style matching bathroom accessories set, will coincide with the tap shape and surface coating.

3.see deposit

Electroplated coatings of surface uniform not only, but also to avoid oxidation and rust in wet environment. The surface of the eyes to look at the hanging, if no bubbles on the surface, coating evenly, you can choose.

4.see technology

Through the strict process standards for processed products, often through complex processes such as machining, polishing, welding, testing, not only in appearance, properties, and feel very good, uniform and smooth and flawless.

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