Hanger Trade Face Three Big Test

- Oct 18, 2016-

Hangers are household supplies essentials and clothing industries subsidiary supplies, high demand and exports also maintain a growth trend, but the hanger enterprises ' foreign trade faces three big test, must be treated with caution.

Trade environment filled with instability. As American and European anti-dumping, technical barriers and other trade restrictions on China's exports to the test, though hangers exports anti-dumping in the calm stage yet, but without defense, after all, photovoltaic companies, iron and steel industries are examples. And the continued appreciation of the Yuan, hanger enterprises did not dare sign a long-term contract, which has to some extent limited the hangers exports.

Contradiction between supply and demand of raw material, the cost increases, hanger factory development is restricted. Because steel, lumber, increases in raw material prices such as sponges, racks rising costs and human resources costs also are rising, the total increase in the cost of production. In this case, the export prices must face up, but prices will inevitably lead to declining sales. If the export prices do not rise, then the net profit decreased, enterprises will be difficult to expand production, may not even apply, face a crisis of survival is normal.

Hanger enterprises export structure upgrading. Once rack price is the largest hanger export Enterprise advantage, however, in recent years, rising production costs, along with quality hangers pricing competition, makes numerous hanger manufacturer profitability and reduced, it must face the upgrading of industrial structure. Hangers exports from low-end products to high-end, high-end rack level, otherwise the export advantage will less and less.

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