Hanger Has A Strong Non-slip

- Jul 26, 2017-

Hanger storage rack is characterized by stylish generosity, small and large capacity, unique. Racks to receive the classification by the square hole hanging plate and hundred pages hanging two kinds. Below we have a detailed understanding of the clothes rack storage rack characteristics and classification.

Characteristics of Hanger

1. Fashionable and generous

The use of this is all wood, that is, safe and environmentally friendly. It has the advantage that it uses the staggered space principle to create more storage space. Clothes Rack Not only in all directions can be placed items cabinets, and this kind of storage cabinets unique shape, but also to your home to bring a fashion.

2. Small concise, Large capacity

The whole area is small and has a lot of space for placing items. The same is the use of space, the staggered curve brings different shapes and storage space, Clothes Rack so that you can store a variety of things in space. The whole storage cabinet is concise but can bring you bigger storage capacity.

3. Unique

This is a good space to save the entire locker design under the stairs, not only can save the living room and bedroom space, but also will not occupy more places, Clothes Rack and this storage cabinet storage capacity is very large, the use is also very convenient, is a worthy of reference and use of the storage cabinet design.

Hanger type

1. Square Hole Hanging Board

With the hook to use, the hook can be arbitrarily transform hole position, positioning fast, safe and secure. All kinds of hand tool positioning management, save time to find, square hole hanging plate (square for 10x10mm, hole spacing of 28mm) can also be added to the workbench.

2. Hundred Page Hanging Board

Suitable for climbing the parts box and hundred pages hook. Easy to hang, small materials, parts easy to classify, storage management. Easy to install, with the square hole hanging plate can be used together. Clothes Rack Hundred pages can also be added to the table.

To create more space in a limited space, a storage cabinet that can store more things and save space is crucial. Choose a good locker not only to bring more space to your home, but also to add a fashion and beauty to your family.

Flocking racks are used ABS plastic fluff to process the production, Clothes Rack the whole feel very soft, and has a strong non-slip, flocking racks are generally designed to use hooks, more can save the use of space closet. Hanger is a household product we use every day. It has been a must for many families. In addition to the practicality of strong, but also our clothes on the stage of a decorative furniture products. Flocking Hanger is a good combination of practicality and beauty perception.

If the clothes are placed on the hanger, the use of ordinary hangers, the neckline and shoulders easily angular deformation, encounter sweaters and so on, it is difficult to restore the flat, if you encounter a large neckline or heavy clothing, as long as a slight move will fall down. But flocking racks will not, Clothes Rack flocking hanger fitting shoulder collar radian and widen the design, not only the fitting clothing deformation, but also better non-slip and load-bearing. Ultra-thin design, space saving, flocking to prevent slipping, protection of plush fabric, bearing up to 10KG.

Flocking hangers are used in the human body function arc design, 0.4 mm thickness but its toughness is very good, not easy to break, heavy clothing with it to hang the most suitable. can be arbitrary bending, extrusion is not easy to break deformation, very rugged and durable. Because of the small size of this flocking hanger, it will save a lot of space than the hanger, and make the best use of your closet space. The pile-hanger has strong gravity and can withstand heavier clothing.

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