Expansion Of The Shoe Rack Requirements

- Jun 19, 2017-

Shoes placed in the direction

The orientation of the shoes is not particularly important, but the orientation of the shoes determines the family status between the male and the hostess. If most of the shoes are headed up to the head, indicating that the owner of the home is easier to call the shots, and vice versa is the hostess. Of course, there are horizontal lay, or cross put, but this is not too much of the problem, is not beautiful. If you are the hostess at home, want to power, Extending Shoes Rack you can try to adjust the direction of the shoes Oh!

2, expand the height of the shoe rack

Expansion of the height of the shoe rack will affect the feelings of the family, if the expansion of the shoe rack is higher than the adult shoulders, then it indicates that this family, whether men or women, there may be a small three appear. In addition, there may be other illnesses, such as heart disease and gynecological diseases and so on. Especially the old shoes, is the most should try to avoid higher than the shoulders.

3, the expansion of the existence of the shoe rack

Began to have mentioned, there is no expansion of the shoe at home, for shoes more families, if all on the ground will obviously affect the family environment. If the home does not expand the shoe rack, Extending Shoes Rack in terms of feng shui, but also easy to affect the relationship between men and women couples at home, may be good times and bad, it is recommended to prepare an expansion shoe rack is appropriate. Hope that my answer can help you.

It is advisable to extend the position of the shoe rack at the right of the door

Shoes every day stampede at the foot, inevitably unclean; expansion of the shoe rack to store a lot of shoes, can be described as "evil spirits" quite heavy, so if it is placed in a bad position, just to evil. In the "left Qinglong right white tiger" argument, depending on the dragon as auspicious animal, Extending Shoes Rack white tiger for the unlucky beast, so the expansion of the shoe rack is located in the right side of the door, just to suppress the white tiger's evil.

In general, people go out before the right hand in the shoes are relatively easy, and the expansion of the shoe rack just behind the door, will not affect the overall pattern of the house.

Second, expand the color of the shoe rack

Expansion of the color of the shoe rack to the overall coordination with the room is appropriate, not too prominent, too garish can, too much emphasis on the expansion of the color of the shoe frame to take the argument.

Third, Extending Shoes Rack the expansion of the height of the shoe rack to coordinate with the overall home is appropriate

I hope my answer is helpful to you!

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