Bathroom Stainless Steel Shelf Unit Easy To Use Aluminium Or Space Better?

- Oct 18, 2016-

Bathroom hardware recommended aluminum alloy aluminium or space.

1.first of all, because stainless steel is too heavy, cannot afford a water erosion for a long time. And with the distinct smell of rust appears long after.

2. aluminum is made of pure aluminum add some alloying elements such as aluminium-manganese alloy and aluminum-copper alloy, Al-Cu-mg alloy, aluminium-zinc-magnesium-copper-based super alloy. Physical and mechanical properties of aluminum alloy is better than pure aluminium: easy processing, high durability and wide application range, good decoration effect and rich in color.

Aluminum alloys are divided into rust-proof aluminum, aluminum alloy, Super Duralumin species, all classes have their own scope, and have their own code in order for users to choose. Aluminum not only to maintain the characteristics of light, and improved mechanical properties, and the price is cheap.

3. space aluminum main components are aluminum oxide, also commonly called "alumina", which is the main raw material in aluminum production, with very high strength and hardness, weight is also very high, but its very low weight.

Space aluminum material is a environmental, not faded, price high of metal, near ten years to was widely application Yu home home loaded series products in the, special space aluminum hanging pieces became modern home kitchen Wei hanging pieces of new trend, has not rust, and not faded, and environmental, and durable and so on of advantages, is decoration of boutique one of, environmental sex than General of copper business bathroom supplies also better, no oxidation sex than stainless steel also better, in keep appearance bright of while also rugged, price affordable, became consumers love of products.

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