A Shoe Rack Is A Household Commodity

- Oct 25, 2017-

The shelves that people use to store and display shoes are shoe racks, the types of shoes racks include plastic shoe racks, aluminum shoe racks, wooden shoe racks and so on, the shoe racks are simple in shape and convenient for loading and unloading, which is a necessary choice for a small family or apartment.

From the outside into the home needs to take off shoes, shoes off after the need to put on the shoe rack, because most of the shoe racks in the entrance to the porch, Shoes Rack so the appearance is very important.

In the family, the shoe rack cleanliness and the maintenance is also very important, Shoes Rack but often is neglected. In fact, the shoe racks clean and maintenance, it is not difficult, as long as a little attention in daily life, you can do.

The shoe rack is the household's daily necessities, now more and more people will choose to purchase the simple shoe rack, neither occupies the place, assembles also very easy.

A tool used to facilitate the placement of shoes that people do not wear. The shoe rack can be said to be one of the most indispensable furniture in every family, the shoe rack can let everybody's shoes can stay in one place neatly, will not appear disorderly, Shoes Rack but also can increase the interior esthetic feeling.

In this shoe cabinet in the era of its way, the role of the shoe rack is still not negligible. Because the use of the shoe racks of the family most of the home space is not redundant, so for the size of the shoe rack requirements are relatively high, not only to meet the love of shoes, Shoes Rack but also not too much space, then the size of the shoe rack is how much?

Standard for dimensions of shoe racks

Men and women shoes of different sizes, but generally speaking, the shoes according to ergonomic design, size will not exceed 30 cm, of course, in addition to oversized and children's shoes, so the depth of the shoe cabinet is generally $number cm, so that big shoes can also be placed just right, Shoes Rack will not highlight the laminate, appear abrupt

If you want to consider the shoe box in the shoe cabinet, you need to 38~40 cm depth, in the planning and production of shoes before the cabinet, remember to measure their own and the family size of the shoe box as the basis. If also in the shoe cabinet to place golf ball, vacuum cleaners and other items, the depth must be more than 40 centimeters to apply.

The shoe frame height is probably in 15cm, Shoes Rack but the shoe has the high has the low, may design different height the display area, the classification puts the different height the shoes, also may the design can adjust the layer board the style, in placing more nimble, promotes the use efficiency of the shoe frame.

Generally, the size of the overall height should be lower than 800mm, and the specific height of course is required according to the location of the different, it is best not to give people a sense of oppression in space. Length, to see the number of shoes to decide, such as home more people, Shoes Rack design a longer shelf will allow more space for admission.

At present, more than the size of the shoe racks are mainly 50*20*72cm, 57*27*56cm, 62*24.5*52cm, 70*26*36.5cm, 68*28*85cm, 112*20*60cm, etc.

How to determine the size of a shoe rack

According to the number of families

Determine the size of the shoe rack the first thing to determine is the number of people in our family, only the number of people determined, we can know how many shoes in life will need to be placed, exactly how much space and area to be able to put these shoes. In addition to the determination of the population, Shoes Rack we need to pay attention to the long-term vision of the party, because the number of people is not constant, there will certainly be a population increase. Therefore, we must make space reservation for the future situation. After the life in the future want to change a large number of shoes rack is more troublesome, after all, did not reserve enough space.

Depending on the size of the space

Another factor determining the size of the shoe rack is the size of the space we choose to place the shoe rack, and we need to combine this space and the number of people in the future to determine the specific size of the shoe rack. Even if we need a small shoe rack, but considering the overall harmony, Shoes Rack and the need to put other sundries smoothly, we can also make a larger shoe racks. This will also provide a lot of convenience for the future life.

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