Shoe size standard is how much?

- Oct 18, 2016-

General shoe size height not to exceed 800mm, width based on the width of the space used by a reasonable division of depth is the maximum length of the shoes in size, usually size between 300~400mm. A lot of people buy shoes, don't like to just throw the shoe boxes, shoe directly into the shoe. In that case, shoe depth 380~400mm depth of design and bespoke shoes Cabinet and must first measure the well depth of the shoe-box size as shoe size ... How to shoe filled with other things, such as vacuum cleaners, a Flyswatter, and depth must be at least 400mm before use.

Shoe size at the time of initial design, first thing to consider is the use of the specific situation and the actual location. Not too big, and too much affect the appearance, it's small enough to use, so we must fully consider the matter carefully. Living room hallway shoe size, there is no fixed standard sizes, typically, are based on living space size and the needs of the individual interests to determine the size of living room hallway Shoe cabinet, normal household hallway shoe Cabinet depth between 300~320, between 1000mm width and height. Plate spacing between ordinary slippers at 200mm, other shoe plate spacing between 350~400mm to meet the demand.

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