Select racks need to pay attention to what

- Oct 18, 2016-

1. see if the packaging is printed and attractively; whether the trademark is registered company name, address, telephone number if tagging obvious, clear.

2. no certificate issued by the national authorities, such as recognized brand names in China, passed the international quality certification.

3. company history, number of patents, and so on.

4. the quality of commitment, strong manufacturer will dare to promise compensation for maintenance.

5. the hand is the core component of racks, light directly determines its life and performance. Lightest on the market today is the most durable ratchet light hand, developed by love for our exclusive and patented products.

6. look at the hanging rod. It determines the load, aluminum-magnesium alloy piece hanging rod, aerospace grade materials, light weight, weight, easily bent and does not rust features, is currently the favorite with consumers hanging rod.

7. quality. Solid parts paint or plating, the surface is smooth, without burrs, scratches and the light, and so on.

8. look at the material and thickness of the steel wire rope. Current high-end racks with 1.5 mm stainless steel wire rope.

9. at the point of sale samples, and see whether they can achieve the lift easily, lightweight and flexible, automatic positioning and noise free results.

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