Maintenance of towel racks against rust is the key

- Oct 18, 2016-

Towel rack is now life is very important in bathroom hardware products, is Towel rack, in accordance with its material is divided into four main categories: stainless steel Towel rack, chrome-plated brass Towel rack, towel rack zinc alloy, aluminium towel rack. But due to a very humid environment sanitary towel holder during everyday use when you are not doing cleaning and maintenance is very prone to rust. How to prevent rust in the towel rack?

1, in daily life requires periodic cleaning and maintenance on the towel rack, need to keep the bathroom dry and ventilated, need frequent cleaning Towel rack surface stains.

2, and in daily of clean process in the, need using soft of cloth block or plastic wipe, if using stainless steel clean agent ball, on need note installation attempts to of polished mark of direction for wipe, in cleanup towel frame surface of water stains, and dirt Shi cannot using contains acid or alkaline of clean agent, if using has this class of clean agent on need flush clean, and will surface wipe clean.

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