Clothes Dryer with Shoes Rack (CF10001)

- Jul 02, 2017-

Product Detail

Clothes Rack

Basic Info

Clothes Rack

  • Model NO.:CF10001

  • Installation:Retracted

  • Housing Material:Metal,Plastic(ABS Material)

  • Finishing:chrome plated

  • Origin:Mada in China

Product Description

Clothes Rack

Clothes Dryer With Clothes dryer Rack, Quick drying, Saving ironing time with high efficiency.
1). Clothes dryer for quick drying
2). Drying in constant temperature: 70 degree Celsius, circular flow, drying fast
3). Standard drying time: 60 minutes, saving energy up to 35%
4). Automatic timer and fuse switch, safe operating is assured in case of nobody
5). Wiping the odor of smelly damp clothes
6). Killing bacteria of clothes
7). Saving ironing time with high efficiency due to reduced creasing by 8). Keeping the clothes straight and smooth
9). Innovative heating technology: PTC heating technology changes the 10)traditional heating way. 600 hours of constant working test
11). Mini size but large capacity: Maximum clothes capacity is up to 10kg per time
12). Easy for carrying on and installation
13). Strong and elegant bracket is equipped
14). Mechanical timer of 180 minutes, strong enough for long life
15). Suitable for hotels, beauty salon laundry, school dormitory
16). Cover on surface: PU coating oxford fabric
17). Main material: ABS and aluminum alloy
18). Color of cover: Pink, blue, yellow, orange, transparent, printing
19). Function: Circular dryer can increase the anion and UV sterilization function

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