Bathroom racks should be how to choose

- Oct 18, 2016-

All accessories in the bathroom, can be said to have the finishing touch effect, is not only necessary, its range is to create the bathroom key, but still apllies, prior to the appearance or life needs in mind, so nothing I don't want to see. 

1, rack base is solid, push-pull is it easy to shake. 

2, racks of material will not rot in damp environments without distortion does not rust. Rack in the bathroom for a long time in a humid environment, so choose easy moisture rust perishable materials. Consider stainless steel and alloy rack. 

3, shelf loading is good, great weight will deform. Rack is the most fundamental of their ability, buyers need to buy their storage the actual weight. 

4, look at the package, bathroom three piece set with the configuration (bath, toilet, wash basin) style matching, and ensure the unity of the whole bathroom style.

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